• Storeparker is a low-cost parking solution to create additional parking space while minimizing installation and maintenance costs because a pit is not required
  • To retrieve cars at the upper tier, the parking lot underneath need to be empty (dependent parking)
  • Car drivers will enjoy maximum comfort due to the horizontally accessible platforms and the removal of pillars at the entrance area

Storeparker N2102

  • 2 tier indoor parking system without a pit
  • appropriate for cars with a maximum weight of 2.6 t
  • by variably adjusting platform heights and providing modular segments, the system can be designed to fit your parking needs

Storeparker N2202

  • 2 tier dependent parking, indoor and outdoor
  • appropriate for SUVs and heavier vehicles with a maximum weight of 3.0 t
  • cars with a height of up to 250 cm can be parked on the upper platform

Storeparker N2502

  • the lower and upper tiers are easily accessible due to no pillars at the entrance area
  • indoor installation to the back wall or back-to-back to another Storeparker is possible

Storeparker N2503

  • 3 tier dependent parking above ground level
  • lift platforms are used on the upper tier
  • outside installations can be protected with a roof