Parking pallets

  • additional parking lots in driving lanes in front of conventional parking spaces are created by using longitudinal platforms
  • these sliding platforms can be easily moved at the touch of a button in order to retrieve a car behind an occupied sliding platform
  • car drivers can drive over an empty sliding platform
  • various sliding platforms can be combined and placed in a row depending on local conditions
  • lateral sliding platforms – as alternative – are used to create additional parking lots behind pillars or in corners in garages
  • to maximize parking space even further, several parking rows can be placed behind each other and up to 10 platforms can be arranged next to each other
  • these platforms are shifted transverse on a rail system
  • a combination of shifting platforms and an empty parking space in each row allows drivers to reach the parking space

Longitudinally sliding pallets N6101


  • traversable sliding platform for 1 car to be moved longitudinally
  • up to 5 platforms can be placed in a row

Longitudinally sliding pallets N6201

  • traversable sliding platform for 2 cars to be moved longitudinally
  • up to 3 platforms can be placed in a row
  • products N6101 and N6102 can be easily combined with each other

Laterally sliding pallets N6301

  • laterally moving platform for 1 car
  • up to 10 platforms can be placed next to each other or behind each other in a row