• especially suitable for underground garages with limited posibility to install other parking machines
  • 2 level independent parking with parking pits
  • cars parked on the upper tiers can be easily retrieved without removing cars at the lower tiers

Kipparker N3102

  • independent parking system appropriate for pit depths of at least 150 cm (front) / 130 cm (rear) and clearance of 290 cm. The ideal solution to retrofit parking systems

Kipparker N3302

  • independent parking on 2 levels
  • inclined accessible platforms (upper tier: 4.5°, lower tier: 6.5°)

Kipparker N3502

  • parking space for cars with a height of 150 cm or below can be maximized with Kipparker N3502
  • the inclination degree of the platforms can be optimized by 4 integrated hydraulic cylinders
  • ** different dimensions on request