We are the general partner of Nussbaum Parking GmbH in the Czech Republic.

We create new parking places!



Our core business

  • finding solutions when you need a permanent parking place for your car
  • parking systems designed and customized with regard to the typical dimensions of vehicles and options specific to the location
  • delivering turnkey installations
  • performing follow-up tests and inspection service
  • training the machine users



Parking machines briefly

  • machines with lifting platforms used for parking personal cars, including SUVs
  • suitable for all types of buildings
  • powered by a hydraulic system
  • lifting capacity per platform 2000 kg to 3000 kg
  • systems in compliance with the EC Machinery Directive and certified according to DIN EN 14010 and DIN ISO 9001:2008



  • full use of designated parking areas
  • protecting vehicles against foul weather or vandalism
  • energy saving, energy consumption primarily only during lifting
  • easy use and maintenance
  • cost saving technology

How to operate

  • controlled by electronic technologies of reliable German production
  • key switch
  • electronic card
  • PIN